Support Management Services, LLC

Keys to Success:

    Provide professional and quality service on time and on budget
    Develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients
    Implement and maintain a quality control assurance policy

     Our key competitive advantage is providing schools with support staff to maintain compliance with IDEA. This compliance is extremely important in preventing lawsuits, especially those stemming from parents demanding for special education services for their children that the school may not have been properly providing before our assistance (as indicated on their IEP). The costs associated with our services become negligible when you factor out the money saved from prevented lawsuits and ongoing litigations. We will diagnosis each school's specific situation and provide solutions tailored to addressing and correcting each recognized problem. Our team approach is effective and will render positive results.
Mission Statement:

     Derived out of respect, dignity, and integrity for the community, the mission of Support Management Services is to create a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment for all school-aged children utilizing social workers, psychologists, teacher's consultants, speech therapists, and nurses to improve student achievement and reduce negative classroom behaviors by continually motivating, stimulating, and educating parents, teachers, and students; developing them to their personal bests.


    We value our customers and will treat them with dignity and respect.
    In order for our community to achieve success, we must live in integrity.
    We will continually motivate, stimulate and educate parents, teachers and students to develop to their personal best.

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